The background check is done using different public and private data sources that aim at confirming the applicants’ history and assessing possible risks related to the recruiting.

Checking with social references can also be an option for hiring the service. They can, from previous sources of the candidate, show information on education, performance or even professional qualification.

Background Check

Ethically, the consultancy performs a set of investigative activities in order to gather and provide relevant information about the analyzed scope such as financial, audit, labor, social insurance or legal questions and others. The task is done through a comprehensive check of public and private databases.

Partner Check

Its aim is to protect assets and the intangible value of the client, with the objective of reducing and alleviating to the limit the risk on the relation with the supplier or partner, with the help of specific analysis of certain risk categories, being adjustable according to the needs and structure of the client.

The checking of partners aims at protecting the image and reputation of your company. The strategic check can be done for associates, suppliers or private and legal entities related that may be relevant.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence comprises a set of investigative activities performed with the intention of giving relevant information about the analyzed subject. The task is done through a comprehensive data collection that can be adjusted to the client’s needs.

Due Diligence shapes the profile of the analyzed subject, including retrieving information that may have been masked by the subject.

Due Diligence Global

Due Diligence Global provides reports for clients who need international information in a safe and efficient way.

Checker Speed

For Small Businesses

Checker Speed is exclusive for small businesses and tries to serve the clients in a simple way with affordable prices.

Small businesses are subject to risks as much as big ones, having access to precise information plays an important role on the decision-making of a businessman.

With the experience and knowledge of small businesses needs, the Checker Speed offers options of custom bundles accordingly meeting each need.