and Retail

The national retail has gone through big transformations in the last decade, many companies have strengthened themselves and there are still a lot of challenges to come.

Regardless of the size of the company, the high turnover along with the necessity of trustworthy and efficient personnel impose a great challenge for the Retail.

Hiring adequate profiles for the company’s expectation provides more satisfactory results on performance, cost reducing and risk minimization associated to the position.

With the high pressure on price competitiveness and high involvement with counterparts it is vital for the participants to have good knowledge for making the most assertive decision possible; trust DF Checker to provide precise information for a better relation with suppliers and partners.


The lack of regulation on the admission system for jobs in the Health area or the lack of methodologies that sustain the complexity of the job in organizations of this sector intensify the manager’s concern.

The practice of background check can enhance the trust needed either in short-term jobs or permanent ones promoting the freedom of both employees and employers.

The regulatory complexity and the dynamic environment provide evident opportunities of improving risk control programs related to the staff, third parties and suppliers. Risks related to Orthoses, Prostheses and Special Materials can also be treated preventively against fraudulent schemes that undermine the company. It is observed that the cost of implantation is lower than the risks usually taken, relying on the consultant’s expertise is fundamental for the competitiveness and continuity of the company.

and Selection

Recruitment and Selection activities are vital processes in every organization. There are many criticalities in the lack of hiring procedures, the high turnover rates, the costs of new selection processes, the time spent on new hirings, the training and integration costs, besides the risks related to the responsibilities of the position.

Our services aim at helping companies that are specialized in Recruitment and Selection or offering support for the internal department of the company, with checking methods that minimize unwanted aspects for the employer.

Energy and

If your current journey goes through challenges like improving the reliability of information and minimizing risks on relations with third parties – we are ready to boost your results and contribute with the value of your decision process, reduce contractual litigations and strengthen the compliance.

Equally important is to know the profiles for a better hiring, from temporary service providers to high management positions. We have the technology and adapted services to provide information to support your company’s management at the minimization of risks and a conscient decision-making.

Financial Services

Financial services are complex and must meet strict standards of ethics and integrity. Knowing your business partner provides reliability and confidentiality, and may even mitigate propensities for fraud, money laundering or any other situation that may jeopardize the integrity of the company.

DF Checker has customized or preset services to meet the demands of compliance like specific demands from banks, insurance companies and asset managers, acting like a protection tool for financial institutions.

Our technology allows direct integration with the process of partner analysis or even with the assistance in the construction of claims information for insurance companies.

Infrastructure and Construction

The national environment poses new compliance challenges for the companies related to Construction and Infrastructure, assigning responsibility and sustainability to the business.

The Anti-Corruption Law proposes adequacy of risk control processes in relation to third parties, a reality that has been rooted both in big companies and medium ones of the sector.

DF Checker offers full services for KYC (Know Your Customer), KYE (Know Your Employee) and KYP (Know Your Partner), as well as PEP lists (Politically Exposed People). Count on our support for the Governance of your business.

Considering that each economic sector has its specificities and variables, that must be analyzed and considered, the implementation of our guidelines generates the possibility of consistent improvements on your screening program as well as the risk management of your partners and suppliers.

Training of contributors and suppliers is currently one of the biggest challenges for industries, having safe information for the support of the decision minimizes the risks and provides benefits on reputation, image, compliance, contractual litigates, as well as cultural and financial-economic ones. The adhesion of other agents of the chain to internal standards and norms provides direct and indirect competitive gains in the operation. Contact us to understand how we can contribute to your operating environment.

Consumer Goods and Industrial Products

Telecommunications and Technology

The last 10 years represented lots of changes to the sector and there is still a lot of innovation to come.

The models used by fraudsters, the regulatory necessities, the process evolution needs and the competitiveness to make your business sustainable all walk along with the technological evolution.

We have the knowledge to perform a necessity-oriented approach, prioritizing operational excellence and agility on the process, providing relevant information about counterparts in robust processes of KYC (Know Your Customer), KYE (Know Your Employee) and KYP (Know Your Partner), which provide transparency for decision-making and risk minimization in a highly complex and competitive scenario.

Telecommunications and Technology