Our Values and Goals


Practical, intelligent and reliable – a new approach in background checks.

DF Checker proposes innovation through integrated research systems and analytical capabilities that provide customized and reliable service regardless of the size of your company.

In order for our work to be sustainable and offered indefinitely, we set our values on five bases:

Social improvements: we believe that our work must be capable of generating benefits for society.

Economic results: we work to generate real economic improvements for clients.

Ethical precepts: we conduct our work in order to achieve and reflect the highest ethical standards.

Quality: we have the excellence of the service developed as the reason for the existence of our business.

Impartiality: we perform our function fairly.

Offices and Contact

DF Checker services reach approximately 100 countries around the world with correspondents and connections. We have solutions to solve your challenges.


Email: contato@dfchecker.com.br
Phone – São Paulo: +55 11 3382-1520 / +55 11 93314-6961
Phone – Rio de Janeiro: +55 11 93314-6961


The DF Checker Ethics Channel is a communication to report conduct that may be illegal, unethical or not compatible with the professionalism of our Code of Ethics.

You can notify DF Checker through our contact:

+55 11 3382-1520 / +55 11 93314-6961
+55 11 93314-6961
Email: contato@dfchecker.com.br


To those interested, send a resume to contato@discoveryandforensic.com informing the name of the vacancy to which you want to apply in the field “Subject” of the email.